Step 2 – The Plan

We are inviting singles (18 +), married couples, and seniors.

We are organizing an opportunity for alumni and friends of all ages to spend a week or two (or several days) on the Emmanuel College campus to help complete needed construction and repair projects that will assist Emmanuel in fulfilling their mission of preparing the next generation to be world changers for Christ! (There is just not enough time or personnel to get everything done that needs to be done.)

Week 1 begins Sunday afternoon June 12 to Saturday June 18.

Week 2 begins Sunday afternoon June 19 to Saturday June 25.

You may attend one or both weeks – or a block of 3 week days (contact Barry for details) 804-400-9762 or

You will have the opportunity to use your skills each day to improve the campus in critically needed areas.

You will work during the day and then relax and play in the evenings. A few short organizational meetings will be required during the week.

See STEP 3 for the details on cost to participate.