Step 1 – Backstory

EC MISSION – How it started

By: Barry Wood

Remember those “Priceless” Mastercard commercials?  Honestly, that is the way I think of my Emmanuel College experience.  It was far more than just getting an education!  While at Emmanuel in 1969 through 1971, I met three other students (already graduated) who became life-long friends.  We sang in a group called “Revolution.”  We endeavored to take the Gospel to our generation in a new and relevant way with contemporary Christian music and a message they could relate to.  To top it off, after I graduated, I met the love of my life during a campus visit in September of ’71.  In less than a year we were married.  Fifty years and 6 children (and 7 grandchildren) later, we are still madly in love!  My Emmanuel experience was “Priceless!”

Since I have extensive construction experience and a love for building and repairing things, I got permission from Emmanuel’s president, Dr. Ron White, in the spring of 2017, to bring my wife and 24-year-old son to the campus for a couple of weeks and volunteered those skills to make a difference.

This summer of 2022 will be our 6th year in a row to come to campus and work on the completion of needed projects.

We have a blast! We work! We laugh! We eat! We work! We laugh some more! We always leave satisfied that we have made a difference.

If you feel like I do and would love the opportunity to pay back the debt of gratitude you feel toward Emmanuel (or you just want to do some good deeds) – you should plan to come!

Many people take a week or two of their summers and spend thousands of dollars for Mission trips all over the world or the USA.

Why not for Emmanuel?

Why not EC MISSION 2022!